Reusable Solutions

GTS Ecoflex

A Reusable Solution for the Distribution of Deep Frozen, Frozen, CRT and Refrigerated Vaccine Through Expedited Parcel Service or Local Delivery

  • 5+ day duration
  • Universal pack out

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GTS Enshield

Ideal for 40" x 48" x 50" Pre-Palletized Loads

  • 100 lbs total
  • 2-8°C, 15-25°C, and frozen
  • US & EU Pallet Sizes
  • Easily adjusted for shorter payloads

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GTS EndeavAir 1600L

  • Up to 144+ Hour Bulk Transport for Frozen or Refrigerated Vaccine
  • The True Replacement for Active Solutions at a Fraction of the Cost!

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GTS Durable

  • Up to 96-Hour Bulk Transport for Refrigerated Vaccine
  • The Industry’s most Economical Trip Lease Option.

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