Insulated Shipping Boxes

Benefit from engineered climate control products that ensure the storage and transportation of perishables and time-sensitive goods. Our insulated shipping boxes are made with various temperature-sensitive materials, have a wall thickness that protects the boxes contents, and are designed to save on space. 

Whether it’s for pharmaceutical or food applications, Cedarlane Cold Chain Solutions offers top of the line cold chain packaging solutions for each of our customers’ needs.
Standard Insulated Containers

These thick wall containers are lightweight, economical and made with a tight fitting lid and molded EPS body. They are typically used for 2-4 day shipments.

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Overnight Foam Shippers

Thin wall engineering for next day shipments. Lightweight, dependable and very cost effective. These shippers are an affordable alternative to the "thick wall" shippers

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Kooltemp PUR Shippers

KoolTemp polyurethane containers provide superior maintenance of internal payload temperatures for long time periods, even under extreme weather conditions.

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Curbside Recyclable Coolers

Curbside recyclable packaging designed for the food and wine industry. Comparable performance to EPS foam coolers but without the harmful impact on the environment

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Benefits of Using Insulated Shipping Boxes

Cedarlane’s cold chain insulated packaging offers the benefits industries are looking for to prevent their merchandise from spoiling while improving its shelf life.

Our insulated containers:

● Reduce costs for freight, warehousing, and materials

● Are made from qualified packaging material to prevent temperature loss

● Minimize damage to temperature-sensitive products

● Are eco-friendly

● Come in customized solutions to accommodate varying sizes and styles

Industries that Benefit from Insulated Shipping Boxes

You can end your search for the perfect container. With our vast array of packaging and container options, your perishable goods can last for several hours or days during the shipping process.

Here are our top industries who use Cedarlane shipping boxes:


You’ll have no trouble finding an insulated box to fit the capacity you need for cosmetics and other temperature-sensitive beauty products.


Keep biotech products, such as sperm specimens, safe and secure while in transit with our insulated shipping boxes.


Our insulated shippers come in a variety of dimensions while guaranteeing the integrity of their contents, from blood products to insulin.

Life Sciences

Does your business need to further research on bacteria and viruses? Cedarlane can create the perfect insulated shipping container to house your samples.

Food Industries

Catering companies, restaurants, and grocery stores can ship their precious cargo around the world or deliver it locally to their customers without worry.

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