Cold Packs & Refrigerant Bricks

Our durable, cost-effective cold packs and refrigerant bricks ensure that your temperature-sensitive products are safely stored for shipment to any customer location.

Choose from various types of refrigerated gel packs for shipping that maintain a suitable level of cold without risking damage from moisture or condensation.

Cold Packs for Shipping & Storage

Cedarlane offers a wide selection of gel packs and ice packs that range in quality, size, and styles that are designed to keep your perishables safe in the harshest of shipping requirements.

Our featured gel and ice packs below are non-toxic and available in Economical, Leak-Proof, and Biodegradable formats. When used with our insulated foam coolers, Cedarlane’s gel packs will keep your perishables at the temperature you need all the way through the product distribution chain.

Foam Refrigerant Bricks

These unique foam refrigerants are made from textured foam in a design that allows them to retain their shape, whether they are at freezing temperatures or at room temperature. This makes your pack outs much easier to handle and control versus our standard gel packs. Most sizes and styles are in stock!

Cold Shipping & Storage Supplies

Browse our range of refrigerants, bricks, and cold packs for a smooth shipping and storage experience!

ICE-BRIX Leak Proof Cold Packs

ICE-BRIX® contains a specially formulated leak-proof, long-lasting, viscous gel refrigerant made with non-toxic ingredients. ICE-BRIX® poly bags are puncture-resistant and available in a variety of sizes, so you can keep any product at a constant and desirable level of cold.

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Black Ice Gel Packs

These gel packs are made with a plastic poly pouch for an economical, leak-proof cold shipping alternative to the ICE-BRIX that are highly effective for a wide range of temperature sensitive items and applications.

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Biodegradable Gel Packs

These gel packs are sealed in a biodegradable heavy-duty plastic pouch, which makes them an eco-friendly way to keep perishable products at a constant and desirable temperature.

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Re-Freez-R Brix Foam Refrigerants

RE-FREEZ-R-BRIX™ are reusable blocks of rigid foam that hold their shape when frozen or thawed. These refrigerants are non-toxic and sealed in a heavy plastic pouch.

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Koolit Refrigerant Bricks

Koolit Foam Bricks come in many sizes and remain uniform while frozen or thawed, which makes them the ideal choice for tight fitting packaging configurations and demanding pack outs.

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If you want to learn more about the benefits of our cold packs and foam shippers, or if you have specific questions about cold shipping solutions for your products, Cedarlane is here for you! If you have questions about custom sizes or specific product considerations, please contact us!

Find foam shippers and cold packs for shipping here. Cedarlane Shipping Supplies offers robust packaging solutions for temperature-sensitive products.